17 y/o He/it/star TRANSMASC INFJ
  WELCOME :D   Yo! Welcome to cloud.online, my lil fluffy home on the web!
  BYF + DNI  
BYF  Before you follow either
of my Twitter accounts,
you should know that...
I DO NOT USE TRIGGER WARNINGS/CONTENT WARNINGS FOR MOST THINGS. Especially not weirdly specific triggers, but I WILL use tws/cws for things like suicide, death, self harm, etc. MY PRIVATE TWITTER ACCOUNT DOUBLES AS A VENT ACCOUNT. I try not to vent too often on that account, but it happens. Some of my vents may be triggering to some people, but those kinds of things will always have a tw. I INTERACT WITH NSFW ACCOUNTS ON PRIV. I never tweet self nsfw, but I do occasionally retweet and like nsfw posts. I SPAM THE TL A LOT. I just tweet a lot in general, usually in bursts. DNI  Do not interact with me
if you...
FALL UNDER BASIC DNI CRITERIA (racists, homophobes, transphobes, etc.) ARE A KPOP OR DSMP STAN. Simply liking either of these things doesn't apply here, but if you're a proper Twitter KPop/DSMP stan then please do not interact. Your communities are EXTREMELY toxic and I do not want to be associated with them. ARE A STEVEN UNIVERSE OR CONNIE KINNIE. Check mykin list for an explanation. ARE A DRAMA WHORE (starting drama just because you want to, without actually caring about the subject or just looking for a reason to shit on people.) PRETEND TO HAVE PSYCHOSIS OR DISSOCIATIVE DISORDERS. I try to avoid "fake claiming" but it frustrates me beyond belief to see someone fake dissociative disorders just so they can be quirky or roleplay as their favorite characters/content creators. I don't care how convincing you wanna seem, if you know you're faking the disorder then JUST DONT INTERACT. ARE A PROSHIPPER. Seek fucking help jesus christ.
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