17 y/o He/it/star TRANSMASC INFJ
  WELCOME :D   Yo! Welcome to cloud.online, my lil fluffy home on the web!
 4/20/22  Finished Home Page! Happy 4/20 dudes ;D
I've finally completed the home page's layout! Next up, filling out the contents of aaalll the other pages lmaoo
Thank you guys for 3K hits by the way! I'm not sure if most of those views are from me refreshing the page a bunch while I edit, or if those are genuinely other people viewing my page, but I'll assume the latter and say thanks :)
Alsoooo... I found out that viewing my site on android phones fucks some shit up :/ Nothing too bad, I've just noticed some of the text is off, but that's not the case on iPhones? I dunno, it's weird. If anyone knows what's going on and how to fix it, please DM me on Twitter or use the chatroom here! (if I've added the chatroom by the time you see this.)
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